One of the most important ready-to-wear exporters of Izmir and Turkey, Demirışık Textile A.Ş. In 1983, it started its production under the domestic market brand SARP JEANS in Izmir, the beautiful city of Turkey that opens to the west. The company decided to expand its production and export in 1986 and has been exporting to many successful brands in Europe since then.SARP Jeans has kept up with all the developments in our country and the world with globalization and has adopted the principle of continuous innovation. For SARP Jeans, customer satisfaction comes first and as a result, it works to deliver the best quality products to its customers with short-term deadlines.

Recently, SARP Jeans has become an important player among Turkish ready-made clothing exporters, especially in the field of sustainability. In addition to environmental awareness, it has started to work with customers operating in this field in the European market, with the progress it has made in the fields of occupational safety, worker safety and health, in its production facilities and suppliers. In this context, it has GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certificate. The first SWAN (Nordic Eco Label) denim and non-denim
production in the world was carried out in the production facilities, which passed the FWF (Fair Wear Foundation) inspection in 2016. Its great success in this field has created a success story in the ready-made clothing market