Demirışık Tekstil A.S, which is one of the most important ready to wear exporters of Turkey, began its production in Izmir; the city which is the main door openning to the west, under the name of domestic market trademark SARP JEANS in 1983. Afterwards, the firm expanded its production and made a decision on exporting its products in 1986, and the company has been dealing with export business for many successful trademarks in Europe ever since. The firm needed a larger production plant due to the increase of domestic market sales and export and it moved in this production plant which is 5000 m2 area and  located in Pınarbaşı Izmir.

Demirışık has come into prominence with its credibility, and sensitivity about social responsibility as well as its achievement in production.

Demirışık has kept up with all the developments emerged in our country and the world through globalization and has adopted the principle of constant improvement. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for Demirışık, and thus, it aims at providing its customers with top quality products within short terms.

Recently, Demirışık / Sarp Jeans has become an important player among Turkish ready-to-wear exporters especially in the field of sustainability. In addition to its environmental friendliness, it has started to work with customers in this field in the European market, with progress in work safety, worker safety and health issues at the production facility and in its suppliers. In this context, it has GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certificate. In 2016 our production facilities inspected FWF (Fair Wear Foundation); besides proud of being the first to produce the world's first SWAN (Nordic Eco Label) denim pants and non denim chinos for the Velour company from Sweden. The great success in this area has created a success story in the ready to wear market.

Within 35 years of production experience, young and experienced team works in a team spirit. Demirışık / Sarp Jeans who has chosen the goal of making the production with happy faces and happiness of the workers. The company is proud to have white and blue collar workers who retire from the job and still working in the company.

Demirışık /Sarp Jeans Exports to customers with high quality standards. These high standart expectation reflected in the internal control system created by a 5-year plan with both consulting firms and textile universities. Quality Assurance Expert serves in the company. Internal control is performed according to AQL 2.5 standard in quality control standards. The production processes from receiving the fabric till packeging are reported and every stage of production is kept under control. All of the options that can be encountered with the risk analysis and with control systems. All risks are reported to the checklist by the control team according to their duty responsibilities.


Men and women collections are prepared four times a year. For collection preparation, world-famous fairs such as CPH VISION, CIFF, Premium,Kingpins, PV denim are visited and all fashion magazines are followed. In addition to working closely with all the fabric suppliers in the domestic market, it has the knowledge and experience of importing from all the fabricators around the world.


Demirışık Textile is carrying out RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT studies with the purpose of presenting top quality products and a variety of products with the most reasonable price to its customers. Demirışık Textile, with the purpose of discovering the best washing techiques, the best fabric kinds and the best models according to the fashion of the moment, is dealing with every kind of study either such as following fashion portals, magazines and fairs or making researches by holding meetings with washers and fabric producers. Presenting products that has the STORY the company's main marketing strategy. Consultancy is provided in the field of SUSTAINABILTY. All options requested in accordance with customer expectations and strategies in the field of washing, fabric and chemicals are presented to the customers in the field of sustainability.


Demirışık has realized the importance of fast and timely delivery in a period in which tough competition environment prevails, and thus, it has taken all necessary precautions in order to give the shortest terms to its customers and carry out the process of load in time.